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Achieve great drying results with a high-quality belt dryer

Are you looking to purchase a professional high-quality belt dryer? If you work as a professional farmer, you want a belt dryer that does not only deliver the required drying results, but also promises consistent quality. For several years, Dutch Dryers has been specializing in manufacturing custom-made advanced drying systems. The company offers both services and products to various companies in the world. The systems they have designed, are used in small businesses as well as in large agricultural enterprises. Do you own a small or big company and are you interested in knowing more about the products and services that Dutch Dryers offer? Learn more!

Perfect drying results in a short period of time

Using a belt dryer, designed and manufactured by Dutch Dryers, is a great solution when you would like to use process heat with the aim to dry a high moisture level and turn it into a useable dry product. Do you decide to purchase and use the a high-quality belt dryer in your production process? In this case, you are guaranteed to achieve optimal drying results using low value and/or residual heat. The process starts with transporting the material to be dried on a moving conveyor belt. At this moment, hot air is being sucked through the material in order to dry it. A flow hot air with a temperature of 50 °C is already sufficient to achieve an amazing drying result. At Dutch Dryers, all of the belt dryers are developed and manufactured in-house. In this way, the company can ensure their customers of both perfect quality and quick delivery.

Get in touch with the professionals

Are you interested in purchasing a belt dryer? And would you like to gain some more information regarding the various products and services that Dutch Dryers offers to their clients? Get in touch with the professionals for your questions to be answered. The experts will provide you with personal advice and will offer tailored solutions for your company. Fill out the contact form or get in touch by mail or phone.