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Did you know you can lease this?

Nowadays, everyone is looking for an easy way to earn a second or third income for some pocket money. The world we live in has become very expensive for many of us to enjoy our lives like the way we are meant to. One of the sure fire ways people make quite a bit of money is by renting or leasing. Leasing is a very popular way for people to make quick money on the side of their full time jobs, and there are many advantages for them and the people who are signing the leasing contracts. 

Everyone knows the basic things you can rent or lease, such as a car, a room in a house, a garage, and more. But many people don’t know they can lease these items. Did you?


This might seem kind of sad, but it doesn’t always have to be. If you or a friend are in need of some extra bridesmaids for whatever sort of reason, you can lease one! You can even be a bridesmaid for hire yourself or even a groomsman! The duties of a bridesmaid for hire really depend on what the bride wants or needs, but the faux bridesmaids also have their own boundaries set. 

Christmas trees

Obviously, you can’t rent out real Christmas trees or rent them yourself due to them not being sustainable to rent multiple times for more than one person. But if you have a magnificent fake Christmas tree, either with or without decorations, you can rent it out for people who need one in a pinch. There are several reasons why someone may need a Christmas tree in the middle of July, one of them can be a Christmas themed photo shoot. 

IPv4 addresses

If you have some IPv4 addresses sitting around and not being used, you might not realize it but what you have is better than gold right now. IPv4 addresses have run out a few years ago so people can’t get them for free anymore, unfortunately. The result of this is people now selling, buying, and of course, leasing IPv4 addresses out to those who need them. People are deciding to lease IPv4 addresses instead of buying or selling because there are far fewer hurdles to jump over when leasing.

Your kitchen

If you have a kitchen, you can lease that too! This is not everyone’s cup of tea to do, many people aren’t even able to do this. But if you have a kitchen you think is up for being used by a renter, you can research how to do this. There are places private chefs typically go to and are in need of a kitchen, so they look to rent one. If you are in an area like this, you can also benefit from this arrangement.