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Sports locations now also smoke-free outside

The municipality of Schiedam and the Schiedam sports associations have agreed on a date that smoking will no longer be allowed outside at sports locations. Smoking was no longer allowed inside.

Smoke-free in Schiedam

The municipality of Schiedam believes that every child should be given the opportunity to grow up smoke-free, in an environment in which it is not developed with smokers and is tempted to start smoking. Aldermen Patricia van Aaken (health) and Antoinette Laan (sport) therefore find it important that Schiedam participates in the national Smoke-Free Generation campaign.

“Promoting a healthy lifestyle for Schiedam residents is an important point of attention in our policy. We have drawn up the Local Prevention Agreement for this, among other things. e liquids has enough information. Our ambition is to organize a smoke-free sports and play environment for children throughout Schiedam,” said Alderman Patricia van Aaken. Alderman Antoinette Laan believes that sports and smoking do not mix. “Exercise is healthy, (joining) smoking is for health. Schiedam is a frontrunner in the region in the pursuit of a smoke-free generation.”

Athletes, spectators and other visitors are now no longer allowed to smoke within the fences of a sports complex. So no longer on the line. E-cigarettes and related products are no longer allowed either. People are confirmed with signs, stickers and paving stones.

Serious approach

Making the sports facilities smoke-free has been tackled together with the sports park management, the association adviser and the sports associations. “Sports associations in Schiedam also have a joint responsibility towards the youngest members. e-cigarettes has enough information. The campaign also implements this”, says Marco Konter, chairman of VV Kethel Spaland. The associations themselves talk about it with their members and spectators. They can get advice and help from the association advisor. In addition, they have a toolkit to inform their visitors about the smoke-free environment.