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This company designs tailor-made gangway solutions

Gangway Solutions designs, produces and delivers a customized gangway that matches your needs, so you and your personnel are able to board your ship, plant or facility safely. This company has a lot of experience with designing, engineering and installation of equipment for various industries. Which is why they are able to offer a explosion proof gangway with various options. You can choose to let them build a system with or without lights, enabling you to work throughout the night. You are also able to choose for a covered system, protecting you from various weather conditions. Additionally, you can choose the controls. This company offers a lot of options for personalization, so they are able to create a gangway that matches your needs.

Integrate options in your gangway

A gangway is a safety product, which is why they need to be able to follow the ships movement when you and your crew are trying to disembark or board your ship. This access system is made in such a way that is adapts to changing tides and the ship’s sway. Gangway Solutions is able to integrate various options to make the system even safer, for example:

  • Self-levelling steps
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Access towers

The above-mentioned options are just examples, there are many more ways to personalize your gangway. Whatever system you choose, safety is guaranteed when you let Gangway Solutions create it. This company fully tests all of their products, to ensure a safe access and exit at all times.

Ask for additional information

Are you interested in a gangway made by Gangway Solutions? Feel free to contact them, they are more than happy to help you create a safe gangway that allows you to access and exit your ship at all times. Discuss your needs with them and they will design a system that matches those needs.